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About us

Our story is simple…. We Recover Lost Profits & Unlock Potential Future Value

BSIAK Associates is a specialised verification and recovery company that will identify hidden and lost profits within your organisation on a contingency basis Our unique methods has potential to recover millions of Pulas for our clients At BSIAK Associates we have Verification and Recovery specialists that use powerful and smart programs to perform these recovery reviews that will create huge savings for our clients As BSIAK Associates progressed with these verifications, we identified certain shortfalls in the manner in which many of these corporates and municipalities process their transactions which consequently affects their VAT, Accounts Payable, Bank Loans and Business Valuation calculations.


By being specialists in these fields we ensure the following value to your company:

  • Direct bottom line value addition
  • No capital outlay: no direct/upfront cost to client
  • Most of the work is conducted off site
  • Quick turnaround


The following key aspects differentiate us:

  • Complete line-by-line transactional review
  • Ability to handle large data-sets
  • All claims backed by relevant source/supporting documentation
  • Intelligent back-office systems
  • Unique data mining and analytics capabilities
  • Success based fees- (No recovery, No Payment!)
  • Invoicing only upon client’s receipt of the financial benefit
  • Most work is done off-site (mainly data collection on-site)
  • Post review support: Handling of queries raised by BURS